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  • Young Art in Israel of the 90s – A Recommended Exhibition

    A Nir Hod Work
    Isragirl Presents : Women Soldiers, Work by Nir Hod ©

    An exhibition titled “Eventually We’ll Die – Young Art in Israel of the 90s” opened recently in Herzliya Museum of contemporary art. The exhibition focuses on the idea of “Youth” that took over Israel in the nineties.

    The group exhibition will reflect on events, issues and phenomena that Israel dealt with during the 90’s: The Oslo Accords, the Vision of a New Middle East, the Palestinian Uprising (Intephada), The Yitzhak Rabin murder, Identity Politics, Homosexuality, Feminism, Seinfeld, the Genome Project, Ecstasy, the First Gulf War, House, Britpop and Grange music, Demonstrations against the Globalization, Dana International etc.

    Among the participating artists: Sigalit Landau and Nir Hod, two Israeli artists that in the last few years have had a successful career in New York, Adi Ness, Meir Gal, Avner Ben-Gal and Ohad Meromi.

    Curator: Doron Rabina

    Hours: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat – 10am till 2pm; Tue, Thru – 4pm till 8pm; Sun – closed.

    Additional Info: Herzliya Museum of contemporary art

    Adi Ness Work
    Isragirl Presents : Untitled 1991, Work by Adi Ness ©

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