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  • J.viewz in israel

    Great news for J.viewz fans and music lovers in general: J.viewz is here in Israel for three rare concerts. J.Viewz is the electronica project of the Brooklyn-based Israeli Producer & Remixer Jonathan Dagan. Next to the Balkan Beat Box and Infected Mushroom, Dagan is probebly the most well known israeli musician world wide. He often collaborates with various musicians & vocalists under this alias and lately, with his new project Work in Progress, anyone with passion for his music can become (sort of) a collaborator of his.

    Isragirl Presents : J.Viewz – Smooth Criminal, clip by J.viewz ©

    When & Where: so here goes the important part of this post – you’ll have to be quick, since I sure took my time….
    Barby, Tel-Aviv on May 27
    Beat, Haifa on May 28
    Zappa, Tel-Aviv on June 3
    all three are small and intimate live music clubs with a good “sound” and a cool vibe. Tickets are not expensive – not sure though there are still tickets for all three concerts – so get your fingers dancing on the keyboard and get some, cause this is one TLV (or Haifa) event you dont wanna miss.

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